How to protect archaize mirror better

2020-02-26 2167

  Archaize mirror is the latest popular decorative mirror in the world. It is different from ordinary aluminum mirror and silver mirror. It belongs to a kind of deep-processing glass. After special oxidation treatment, it has formed a mirror with many colors and shapes similar to oil painting. Because of its noble and elegant artistic characteristics, antique mirror is widely used in corridor corridor, ceiling plate, decorative wall and other high-grade decoration.

  Heshan Chengzhen mirror industry reminds you, in order to better protect antique mirror.

  1. Try not to scrub the mirror with wet hands or towels to avoid water vapor oxidation of glass.

  2. Some corrosive substances, such as salt, grease, acid substances, can not directly contact with antique mirror.

  3. When wiping the mirror surface, you need to choose dry and soft cotton or cloth.

  4. You can also save a little wax to wipe.

  5. It has a good effect to scrub with oil absorption paper.

  6. Avoid placing it in an excessively wet place. Keep dry.