How to place antique mirror?

2020-02-26 2009

  The casting of bronze mirrors in Tang Dynasty absorbed the traditional technology of Han Dynasty, and imitated ancient mirror manufacturers. From the perspective of some imitated Han mirrors now, there are not many kinds of mirrors in Tang Dynasty, which are only imitated ancient on the basis of inheritance. The common ones are pan fan mirror, regular animal mirror and seven milk animal mirror. The pattern of bronze mirrors in the Han Dynasty is basically composed of two hook lines in Yangwen, which are thin in general, high in bulge and sharp in circulation. The ground between lines, imitating ancient mirror, is smooth and smooth. Tang mirrors are well made, but the patterns, lines and circulation of Tang antique mirrors are also slightly poor, which gives people a sense of overflowing, and the bottom is uneven.

  Home is the harbor of dreams. It is everyone' s wish to have a warm home, even if it is small. How to decorate your small home so that it is not small? Here is a Star Media recommended, so that you can also sit in the big family, smile to see the cloud light breeze. This star medium is archaize mirror, and, archaize mirror price, old and new at will.


  1. Antique mirrors are installed in narrow aisles. The whole wall is laid with mirror, and the space is doubled by the effect of archaize mirror.

  2. Set up pieces of antique mirrors in the cloakroom. A large antique mirror can be used as a dressing mirror and antique mirror manufacturer. Other mirrors can be wide, narrow and make some outstanding decorative effects. Avoid: no matter from the perspective of psychology or geomancy, antique mirrors should not be installed in the bedroom, which will have a bad impact on the owner' s energy.

  3. Make a mirror wall beside the dining table. The delicate flowers and tableware are reflected in the antique mirror, and the vagueness is more beautiful.

  4. Arrange the mirror roof in the porch, match with the beautiful wall lamp, the glory reflected by the roof makes your home shining.

  5. Arrange antique mirror on the door of cupboard or bar counter. Here we can use the old antique mirror, make a whole antique mirror, and cut it into several pieces of collage, each with its own characteristics.

  6. Make a mirror and screen. It is made into a lattice shape, which is beautiful and useful for storage.