What are the methods of making antique mirror

2020-02-26 1484

  There are three ways to imitate mirror, that is, using early mirror to turn the mould directly, using copy to imitate the mould and splicing broken mirror.

  The first method is simple and easy to make. The patterns and inscriptions of the original mirror are clear and the lines are smooth, while the direct turning mirror, although the mirror type is the same, often has vague patterns and inscriptions, and the lines are not smooth and rigid. However, some real mirrors are not well made due to their long history, and the inscriptions and patterns are also vague. In the case of the same mirror type, pattern and inscriptions, it is necessary to pay attention to the copper quality and massiness of the mirror body.

  There are at least two cases in which the original mirror is used as a copy to imitate the mold. One is that the pattern and inscription of the original mirror are completely imitated on the mold. Although the mold of the bronze mirror is different, the inscriptions and decorations are the same.

  The second is that although the original mirror is used as a copy, the craftsman of the casting mirror also engraves patterns and inscriptions. Some of the patterns of the mirror are inconsistent with the times of the inscriptions. For example, the Ming mirror is a Han mirror, but the inscriptions are common in the Ming mirror. Some of the shapes and patterns are different.

  There is also a kind of splicing method of broken mirror: that is, to stick and repair the copper mirror. When the copper mirror is unearthed, there are few intact ones, most of them are broken or damaged. The forger will weld the broken pieces into a whole, and then use another copper rust to repair the defects. Where the mirror surface is not smooth and has green rust, they are all added.

  Type of mirror

  The types of mirror imitation in different times are different. Even if it is the same type of mirror, the imitation in different times has its focus.