Characteristics of antique bronze mirrors in the Republic of China

2020-02-26 1417

The characteristics of antique bronze mirrors in the Republic of China are as follows:

① The imitation of bronze mirrors in the Republic of China mainly adopted two methods: one was to connect the old mirror with the old one, and the other was to imitate the old mirror for new casting. In general, the latter kind of bronze mirror only focuses on imitating the shape of the ancient mirror, while the decorative pattern pursues novelty, many of which are created subjectively or transplanted from other utensils. In addition, at this time, the imitated bronze mirrors, striving for decorative beauty, are mostly gilded, inlaid with silver, painted with color, etc.

② Most of the inscriptions imitated in the Republic of China are dated. The chronology is often a rare model year in Ancient Mirror inscriptions.

③ In the Republic of China, there were obvious differences in the material and alloy between antique bronze mirror and antique mirror. But at this time, the imitators used the technique of camouflage to cover up the surface of the mirror, so as to achieve the purpose of falsehood. This requires us to distinguish the copper color on the surface of the copper mirror.

The surface color of ancient bronze mirrors is not floating, but there are regional differences. The color of Southern bronze mirrors is mostly green or black, commonly known as " green lacquer bone", & quot; black lacquer ancient". Northern bronze mirrors are mostly red and green, commonly known as " red spots and green rust".

There are two ways to make antique bronze mirrors in the Republic of China: the first is to soak and corrode them with chemicals. The color of the surface is bright and dark, which gives people the illusion of nature. But carefully observed, its color floats on the surface without entering the bone, and the rust layer is monotonous compared with the ancient mirror. Many imitations of " black lacquer ancient" are different from ancient mirrors in that: the slight blue light in black is caused by post heating. The second way to make the old one is to make it with a variety of paint pigments. The color shade and level change are not complicated and natural, and the brightness is basically the same. Because of the color of the mirror surface made of paint, it will become dark or black in a long time, which is easy to distinguish. In addition, peeling with nails can also fall off, and has a sticky, soft feeling.

On the basis of eye recognition, we can use simple methods to verify the above two methods: (1) alcohol wipe, paint color wipe off, the real is not damaged. (2) The surface color of chemicals soaked and corroded can be washed with ammonia or nitric acid for a while, and the original copper color can be exposed immediately.